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Coldvolt | All Electric 12v Reefer
12v Slide In Cooler
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COLDVOLT | RVB | All Electric Slide In Cooler | 12v Cold Containers by Reefervan

  • A New range of slide-in Refrigerated Coolers | Cold Containers. Separate or multiple coolers can be installed for medium to large-size vans.

  • Coldvolt RVB, is powered by the vehicle's 12v power supply or a stand-alone independent lithium battery power pack.

  • Inverter drive technology powers an all-electric compressor capable of cooling the cargo area for fresh and frozen temperatures. Coldvolt is a game-changing product that provides flexibility without the expensive cost of fitting a complete cargo van.

  • Insulated boxes can be custom-made to the required size you need. 

  • Utilize as catering coolers or additional short-term cold space or rented out.   


Designed to slide into cargo vans 6ft to 12ft in length. COLDVOLT slide in coolers are available in a standard size for small vans, or can be custom made to the application size you require. Most manufactures have now 

COLDVOLT can operate fresh or frozen temperatures with superior cooling, performance and affordability. ​The cooler operates from the vehicle battery and additional batteries can be added to allow the cooler to run longer.

Custom sizes are available and can be made to order. Other options like an integrated fork lift skid, side door or mobile wheels are available. 

COLDVOLT | All Electric 12v Slide In Cooler | Standard Features

Easy Install

Coldvolt | Slide In Cooler

EASY INSTALLATION... Easily installed on any cargo van vehicle. Two options are available: direct connection to the 12v vehicle battery or self-powered with an optional i Power lithium battery. Connection is fast and easy to vehicle. Available in custom sizes to suit your application.


Lithium Battery | Coldvolt |
Selective focus of Electric car lithium

LITHIUM i POWER...(Optional), Lithium batteries have more advantages over lead acid with improved discharge capacity; up to 95% of battery power is available before full discharge. Lead acid batteries can only produce half this capacity. Yes, lithium batteries are more expensive. Still, over the lifespan, superior charge efficiency, longer life span, longer deep cycles, and low maintenance will offset this higher cost, and it is a more intelligent long-term solution. Available in 300AH, 500AH, and 700AH Power Packs, depending on the specific application requirements.


Coldvolt Inverter Compressor

INVERTER TECHNOLOGY... A variable-speed hermetic compressor allows the reefer to work at a constant RPM regardless of engine speed, delivering 100% cooling capacity at all times. Coldvolt can "adjust" to the power supply available, which allows more cooling capacity with more power supply.


Coldvolt | All Electric 12v Reefer
Cool Ice

ELECTRIC STANDBY INC... Coldvolt comes standard with 115v 1 Phase Electric Shorepower, which allows the box to be cooled when the vehicle is stationary. Coldvolt box can used as a standalone cooler.

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