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8FT Trailer Cooler Complete

Reefervan provide three variants of trailers for sale.


We have low cost trailers that are retrofitted 


Our Refrigerated Box Trailer comes in 8ft to 16ft size with the Reefervan RVTC 115v Cooler. 

Standard Specifications:

  • 4" Polyurethane Insulation 
  • Double rear door and single rear door 
  • Twin axle 
  • Ultra low temperature coolers, available in 115v or 230v 1 Phase 

8ft - 16ft Trailer Coolers - Static Cooler Box

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    Reefervan Insulation products come with a comprehensive two (2) year warranty that covers for workmanship or product failure under normal useage.


    Reefervan reefer products come with a 12 month parts and labor industry standard warranty, that is subject to regular servicing. Contact Reefervan for full terms and conditions. 

    Warranty coverage can be extended by up to 48 months with a Reefervan Service Plan.


    Register reefer or insulation product with Reefervan to receive warranty support across the USA and Canada.

All NewPOLYTREAD | Durable | Anti Slip | Aluminum Floor Alternate
Optional | Polar Wall | Low Cargo Temp | High Ambient Applications
Optional | E Trac 
E Track Rail - load Bar
E Track
Load Rail Pallet Protection
E Track Load Bar
Optional | Shelving 
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