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Reefervan Manufacturing Facility


Reefervan | North America Head Office

Established in Canada in 2009, Reefervan has 40 years of industry experience in panel van insulation, reefer design, and aftersales technical support. …INDEPENDENT: Reefervan is the only manufacturer in North America that manufactures and distributes a range of quality insulation and reefer products, not outsourcing any part of the process. No other supplier comes close to our product offering and quality as a package kit. ONGOING INVESTMENT: Into High Tec Insulation manufacturing and C.N.C. routing machinery ensures a perfect product with a precision fit. Part of this ongoing investment into our O.E.M. Chinese production facility for the design and R and D of our reefer products. QUALITY | PERFORMANCE: Reefervan insulation and reefer products are built with performance and durability in mind, with no compromise on quality. Our products are aggressively priced compared to other well-known brands. D.I.Y. kits are fully supported with live telephone assistance and our dedicated customer Intranet support. ​

Reefervan Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing | Distribution


Van Insulation Kits

Reefervans' product and parts distribution facility in Mississauga, Canada, distributes products across North America. At this facility, we manage the ongoing design and manufacture of our "tech-friendly" products that are easy to install and service. Our technical department at this location handles technical phone support for installers and end-user customers.

Reefervan Parts Dept.

Warehouse | Distribution

Reefervan | China Manufacturing


Reefervan Mission Statement 2024

​Reviewing the market extensively over a two-year period and listening to commercial van dealers, installers, and end users across North America, the industry issues were “stark” to hear! The standout issues were the lack of choice, quality insulation, high prices, slow upfit package delivery, and extremely high service repair costs. The market needs a new dynamic solution. Reefervan can provide this alternative; we control the complete process from manufacturing to installation and after-sales support, addressing all of these issues. Reefervan are totally “open book” with pricing to all our clients, giving you transparent ownership of the product, so as the customer, Reefervan can promise that we will not be beat on quality, price, and delivery, guaranteed!

Reefervan China | mfg.

Reefervan | China Manufacturing

Reefervan Canada recognized that to succeed in our vision for the North American market and complement our premium insulation kit, we needed a dedicated facility to develop and manufacture the range of our tech-friendly reefer products. In Canada, we focused on developing and manufacturing the insulation kit design. In 2016, Reefervan invested into a joint venture partnership, to set up our China manufacturing facility for our range of Reefervan Reefer Products. This was an obvious step in making our vision for the marketplace happen. Under the guidance of Reefervan in Canada, the design of the product was developed and tested rigorously, with new innovative products added that were suited for the North American market. Our products offer a fully factory-supported choice for installers and end users. Providing an alternative choice for the market needs.

Reefervan | China Manufacturing

Manufacturing | Design                     CHINA

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