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Coldvolt All Electric 12v Reefer
Coldvolt All Electric 12v Reefer
All Electric 12v Reefer   
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COLDVOLT All Electric Reefer by Reefervan


With the arrival of all-electric vans to the North American marketplace in 2019, Reefervan committed to developing a new range of All Electric Reefers to complement our existing reefer products.

Replacing the traditional belt-driven compressor, Coldvolt all electric reefers use inverter drive technology, converting the vehicle's low voltage to power an all-electric compressor and cooling the cargo area for fresh and frozen temperatures. Coldvolt is a game-changing reefer product with Reefervan Insulation kits. 

Coldvolt | All Electric 12v Reefer
Coldvolt | All Electric 12v Reefer
Coldvolt | Lithium Battery

I POWER Lithium battery power packs provide additional cooling time. Standard features include low emissions, low service costs, and electric standby.

Coldvolt Can also operate on regular Gas or Diesel engines with Alternators of 190> AMPs minimum power output or a fully electric van with the optional "i Power" Lithium battery.

Two models available:​

  • COLDVOLT - Low / Medium Roof Vans Fresh / Frozen | 100A

  • COLDVOLT MAX - High Roof LWB Vans Fresh / Frozen | 200A

COLDVOLT | Specifications
  • Voltage 12v Road Operation  | 115v Standby 

  • Recommended Alternator 180 - 200A

  • Power Consumption | 94A

  • Condenser Size 44" x 24" x 8 1/4" 94LBS

  • Evaporator Size 34" x 8" x 24" | 37LBS

  • Evap Air Volume | 1420 cfm 

  • Install Time with Reefervan Insulation Kit | 6 HR

COLDVOLT | All Electric 12v Reefer | Standard Features
Coldvolt | All Electric 12v Reefer

STANDBY SHORE-POWER IS STANDARD Coldvolt comes with a 115v Electric Standby as standard. Coldvot will cool when the van is stationary and plugged into 115v 20A supply, at no additional cost.

Coldvold All Electric 12v Reefer
Van Insulation Kit

A GAME CHANGING MARKET SOLUTION ! Since Reefervan manufacture both the Coldvolt All Electric Reefer and van Insulation kits for any van model, this provides an unbeatable package for the market and environment. Insulation and Electric Reefer Packages are truly cost effective for the All Electric Reefer market versus a traditional regular van upfitting

No Engine Mount Kit

LOWER INSTALLATION COST Installers can reduce installation costs by up to 40% by removing the engine compressor mount kit that is no longer attached to the engine. Now i Drive hermetic technology compressor enables a significant reduction in hose fittings, pulleys, and belts, drastically reducing refrigerant leaks.

Reefervan Repair | Service | Install

EASY INSTALLATION! With no compressor mount kit, which can take up to 6 hours to install, Coldvolt connects directly to the vehicle battery and is easy to connect to the reefer. This feature reduces installation time dramatically.

Coldvolt All Electric 12v Reefer

INVERTER TECHNOLOGY A variable-speed hermetic compressor allows the reefer to work at a constant cooling capacity regardless of engine speed, delivering continuous cooling at all times.

All Electric Reefer Lithium Battery Pack

LITHIUM iON BATTERY POWER (Optional), Lithium batteries have more advantages over lead acid with improved discharge capacity; up to 95% of battery power is available before full discharge. Lead acid batteries can only produce half this capacity. Yes, lithium batteries are more expensive. Still, over the lifespan, superior charge efficiency, longer life spans, longer deep cycles, and low maintenance will offset this higher cost, and it is a more intelligent long-term solution. Available in 300AH, 500AH, and 700AH Power Packs, depending on the specific application requirements.

Reefervan Repair | Service | Install
Reefervan Repair | Service | Install
Reefervan Repair | Service | Install

LOWER SERVICE COSTS... In today’s market, reefer service repairs are super expensive! Coldvolt reduces servicing costs by removing the components that generally fail on a traditional regular direct drive engine reefer. Coldvolt achieves high levels of reliability thanks to fewer moving parts like belts, pulleys, compressor shaft seals, and pipe fittings, ensuring a dramatic reduction in maintenance and fuel costs during ownership.

Coldvolt All Electric 12v Reefer

CONSTANT COOLING Coldvolt All Electric reefer cools at a constant speed and 100% of refrigeration capacity at low engine speeds (if fitted), while in traffic, with constant cooling throughout the day.

Coldvolt | All Electric 12v Reefer

SUSTAINABILITY Gas leaks are reduced dramatically by using a Hermetic compressor, less hose piping, and no compressor shaft seal to leak. Fuel consumption is reduced by 20% using Coldvolt. With reduced piping, no belts or shaft seals, and improved refrigerant containment, Coldvolt lowers CO2 emissions by 85% per year over a regular direct drive engine drive.

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