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Reefervan provide comprehensive after sales technical support for all of our products on the phone or by email.

Reefervan products are designed to be "technician friendly" and very easy to diagnose and repair. 

Any mechanical AC or HVAC technician can easily service the reefer with minimum technical training required. 

Reefervans comprehensive "how to" support documents and INTRANET support will make it easy to service and repair Reefervan products. Support is available up to 8pm EST to assist in diagnosing repairs or to order parts.

Below are some but not all of the technical support documents for repair and service. 

If you require immediate technical assistance call 1.888.445.4481 for service support or email: 

RV9E  .png
RV11 Reefer
RV16E Reefer
RV MAX Reefer
Coldvolt | All Electric Reefer
RV 119 Reefer
RV16 Reefer
RVE MAX Reefer
RVT Reefer
RV9E Reefer
RV16 Reefer
RV Reefer
RVTC | Trailer Cooler

Technical Support Documents

Operation Manual

Operation manual details 

Insulation Install Manual

Document will provide details of how to install the Insulation kit

Reefer Install Manual

Document will provide details of how to install the Reefer 

Reefer Commissioning

Document will provide details of how to commission the Reefer 

Hose Piping Diagram
Wiring Diagram - Road
Wiring Diagram - Road & Electric

Service Procedures 

Reefer Not Working - What to Check?

Service procedure to assist in identifying the reefer issue. For both ROAD and ELECTRIC STANDBY Reefers

RVE - 115v Standby Operation Check
Service Check Sheet RV / RVE

This service procedure will assist in identifying ELECTRIC STANDBY Reefers that have starting issue

This service procedure will assist in carrying out a general service check to the reefer 

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