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Opportunity | Savings | Service Ownership

Reefervan Van Insulation Kits and O.E.M Reefer products are designed to be "Tech-Friendly" and easy for any handy person with general mechanical ability to install.

No other manufacturer in North America provides both the reefer and insulation as a kit.

We are a one-stop van and small truck reefer and insulation product manufacturer. We control the complete process from manufacturing to assembly with fast delivery times from the point of order. 


We do not outsource any part of the process! 

The cost of upfitting a van or small truck has skyrocketed in recent years! Reefervan products are suited for this challenging environment, delivering a "win-win" for the installer or end-user, with substantially lower product costs. 

Reefervan recognizes that technical support is the cornerstone of any product's success. We have invested in after sales support, priding ourselves in our online "Extranet" technical support system that is simply unbeatable, providing all technical information online! Piece of mind for the installer. 

Our mission is to transfer total ownership of the process from initial product purchase to final installation and after-sales support, with no go-between.

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Become | Reefervan Installer 

Coldvolt | All Electric 12v Reefer
Van Insulation Kit

INSULATION & Reefer Packages

A GAME-CHANGING MARKET SOLUTION! Since Reefervan manufactures both the Coldvolt All-Electric Reefer and Van Insulation kits for any van model, it provides an unbeatable package in the marketplace and is pleasing to the environment. Insulation and Electric Reefer Packages are more cost-effective for Gas Engines or All Electric Reefervan market than traditional van upfitting.​ Customize Insulation kits to suit your application requirements.

Reefervan | Save Dollars

Generate additIonal REvenue

OPPORTUNITY! If you are a Commercial van dealer | Van Upfitter | Repair Shop, or an end user looking for new opportunities to add sales revenue with significant margins to your business or save money for a Reefervan upfit. In that case, using Reefervan products is a great way to achieve this. Local Reefervan upfitting opportunities like local food suppliers and van dealers can provide additional profit while offering a premium product to the customer. If you are a commercial van dealer, Reefervan can train you to do in-house installations and provide after-sales service to your customers. Call Reefervan today for more information.

Reefervan Service Person

TEch friendly install service

​TECH FRIENDLY PRODUCTS, easy to install and service. A general handy person can install, diagnose, and service repair the reefer. Reefervan has a large inventory of replacement parts on hand for any repairs.

Extranet Service
Reefervan Service
Reefervan Service

REAL TIME "extranet" technical support

INTRANET Online support: Reefervan has a dedicated t system portal for customers, and we pride ourselves on our around-the-clock technical phone support. Support is the cornerstone of any sale. Reefervan will guide you through installing our products with easy "step-by-step" manuals supported by comprehensive installation and after-service manuals. You are in safe hands with Reefervan.

..."Real" Savings | "Real" Value

Since Reefervan does not outsource any part of the process, this allows maximum savings for the installer. Generate extra income from your existing shop overhead with minimum investment, or save thousands of dollars by installing the insulation and reefer yourself! 

Reefervan Van Insulation DIY.
Insulation Kit | All Electric 12v Reefer | Packages From $11,900

... OK Lets Go ! ...  How Do I get Started ?

How to become installer 

Reefervan welcome wholesale upfitters and end user installer inquiries.
Suitable Businesses as follows:

  • Van up-fitting companies

  • Commercial Van Dealer

  • Truck Repair Shop

  • Independent Transport Reefer Repair 

  • Fleet Operators "In-House" Installation

  • AC Mechanical Repair shops 

  • Large local Food Companies - Self Installation

Enduser Installer

DIY Installer | One Time Installer

If you are a one time only installer, we can also accommodate you to install you kit. 

Reefervan will guide you and answer your questions, throughout the complete process start to finish. Call today for more information.

INSTALLER Requirements

Resource Required for Installs

  • Mechanically minded handy person for Reefer & Insulation installation

  • Basic handy person tooling 

  • No expensive tooling required!    

  • No upfront setup costs! 

  • No franchise fees!

  • No expensive training courses!

If you cannot do the gas up of the reefer, no problem! You will need an HVAC technician to do this.

Reefervan will provide the information to complete the gas-up. 

Van Insulation Kit Image

Getting started

Step One:

Call Reefervan with the van model you want to have fitted. Reefervan will answer commonly asked questions that you may have.

Reefervan will finalize the build application, specification, and cost estimate and send it to you for your approval.


Step Two: 

Once you are happy with the price, Reefervan will ask some tech questions to ensure you are entirely comfortable installing the kit and then send you the installation procedure information before you send payment for the kit. 


Step Three:

Reefervan will produce and ship the kit to you. The average production time is 7 to 10 business days. Once you receive the kit, Reefervan will be available by phone to assist your installer with technical support during the kit installation.


Mississippi | USA 

 I called Reefervan after I received an expensive quotation from our local reefer and insulation provider, and the price difference was huge! I ordered an insulation and reefer kit from Reefervan, and after reviewing the training material, I was good to go; it was that easy! We saved $1000's and increased sales by installing other local Reefervan installations by utilizing our shop "

Mike, Mississippi (Up Fitter) 

Philadelphia | USA 

... I ordered a Reefer and Insulation DIY kit from Loey at Reefervan, the process speed of my order and install process start to finish was great!  

Reefervans installation support provided all the know how on how to do the install ... I received a lot of compliments from people, the insulation and reefer looks amazing ! Looking to order another kit soon for my second van. 

Mike Naselsky - Pretzel Works  PA

Miami | FL USA 

.... We have already installed one insulation and reefer kit for Reefervan. After completing the first van, Reefervan provided other sales leads in our area; it was a business we did not have to look for, making extra revenue and gaining new customers. I would recommend Reefervan products for sure !


Roy, Miami Florida, (AC Repair Shop)  

San Diego USA 

... Since we started with Reefervan, installing the product  to our customers  vans has been well received! 

We have had no issues with the product and ordering the product is very  fast , tech support is amazing !

Finally an alternative solution to the market!  

John Moran, San Diego  CA

Oregon | USA

I want to follow up and let you know that we are EXTREMELY pleased with the Reefervan kit/refrigeration AND the installation. It performs very well. Your installer was great, and his craftsmanship is excellent. It’s not often these days that I am happy with work, but Josh did a great job! 

Merlino Foods Portland OR  (Enduser )

Toronto | CAN 

... Great product, amazing build quality. Cooling performance is exceptional. Simple to install with easy step by step instructions . Technical support is excellent.    Thanks Reefervan!

Jorge JM Auto , Ontario CA 

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