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Reefervan Insulation Kits
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Reefervan Modular Van Insulation Kits

Reefervan manufactures premium van and truck insulation kits with the highest build quality and cooling performance. Insulation kits are available for every make and model of van and are easy to install "do it yourself" DIY kit installation.

Reefervan insulated lining kit composite laminated panels, with a 3" standard thickness of high-grade panel insulation, machine bonded to FRP Plastic incorporating a "laminated woven" process to increase surface strength for durability.

Extremely lightweight in construction, the walls, floor, bulkhead, and roof are 100% insulated and seamless in design. CNC precision machine routing ensures a perfect fit of the panels to the van.

Reefervan thermally balanced insulation system ensures excellent thermal cooling performance in high ambient temperatures, coupled with our OEM reefer range product. 


Reefervan provides all the required installation training instructions and ongoing support.

Van Insulation Kits
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Truck | Insulation Panel Kits

Box Body Insulation Kits

Reefervan manufacture custom made insulation conversion panel kits and reefers for truck  body conversions. Insulated rear door frames can also be supplied for application. 

Reefervan Kit Advantages VS Spray Foam 

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Warpped Van.webp

Reefervan does not use spray foam when insulating a van. Although spray foam is a good insulation material, there are two main disadvantages to using spray foam.

First Reason:

There is no guarantee that the installer has applied the correct insulation thickness behind the wall skin, which can reduce the thermal efficiency and cooling performance.

Reefervan uses 3" compressed panel insulation, guaranteeing consistent thickness and thermal efficiency. No wood or framing is used in our products to reduce the amount of insulation within the van, adding a considerable weight increase and reducing the van payload.


When spray foam is sprayed directly onto the external skin of the van, due to the expansion and adhesion application process of the foam to the vehicle's skin, it tends to "buckle and warp" the skin out of shape, leaving an uneven "hilly" panel surface (see above image).

Reefervan panel insulation is not applied or attached in any way to the exterior skin of the van, so no skin distortion occurs with Reefervan insulation products.

Frequently Asked Questions

  Is Thermal Efficiency Greater with Reefervan Insulation Systems ?

A  YES! Reefervan use 3" standard panel insulation, no wood framing is used, with superior thermal efficiency and cooling performance.
The thermal efficiency of spray foam reduces over time due to chemical venting and Inconsistent spray foam thickness that can vary from 1 to 3 inches, affecting the cooling performance of the reefer dramatically!

Q   Does Spray Foam Warp the Side Panel of Vans ?
A  YES! The heat generated applying the spray foam in the van causes the external van skin to warp out of shape due to the heat and foam expansion, warping the steel skin of the van out of shape leaving an uneven look to the side of the van.
Modern vans have large skin panels that warp easily using spray foam. Reefervan does not spray any foam on the skin of the van, so there is no warping with Reefervan insulation systems.

Q   How heavy is Reefervan Insulation versus spray foam Insulation?
  Reefervan insulation panel systems do not use wood or wood framing in the construction. Therefore, lightweight panel modular insulation lining is 35% lighter than the spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation uses heavy wood, adding extra weight to the van, reducing the payload and the amount of product you can carry, and increasing fuel costs

Q  How Durable are Reefervan Insulation systems?

A  Reefervan uses seamless welded aluminum wheel boxes & load guard protection as standard where most wear & tear occurs. Our construction materials are all-composite, which does not ingress moisture or rot. 

Spray foam linings have wooden walls & wheel boxes, which are covered or painted in a thin plastic rubber coating for protection.
Every day, wear and tear occur, and the skin wears away, exposing the wood, which can cause bacteria to build up. Water in the exposed cargo wood area will eventually rot. 
By choosing Reefervan modular lining insulation, you will appreciate our product's durability, performance, and quality.

Q  What are the Benefits in Ordering Reefervan Insulation Panel Kits?

A  Reefervan Insulation Kits come designed with installation speed in mind. A typical install takes 24 hours, max! Up to 5 kits can be shipped, saving on freight charges. Fast delivery: We usually ship within ten days from the time of order.

Other insulation kits available on the market are usually specific and fit to one particular vehicle size. Therefore, the kit cannot be installed in a different van size. Reefervan kits can be adjusted to suit other models.

Inventory costs can be very high for installers if you want to have a suitable kit in stock. Using Reefervan kits can avoid this costly downside. Spray foam solution is labor intensive and requires a lot of skill and expensive machinery to apply the insulation.

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