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Reefervan | After Sales Service & Plans

Service Plan Benefits:

  • Service Scheduling

  • No unexpected repair bills 

  • Discounted replacement parts 

  • Priority service in peak periods

  • Reduced reefer repair down time

Why Do You Need An After-Sale Service Plan?

Any mechanical machine requires regular maintenance, and transport refrigeration units are no different. Regular servicing reduces expensive repair costs and is part of the product's warranty terms, providing trouble-free cooling. Service costs are determined by mileage and reefer usage, which sets the maintenance cost. Having a plan in place makes sense, but not having a plan may reduce warranty coverage.


A range of service plans are available from Reefervan to maintain the recommended service schedules and avoid unexpected service costs, reducing the cost of maintenance over the reefer service life. 

Reefervan Service
Reefervan Service
Reefervan Service
Reefervan | Warranty | Service


Reefervan | Warranty | Service


Reefervan | Warranty | Service


An economical option. Regular servicing including labor and discounts on replacement parts. Priority access to service line.


Additional to Bronze Cold service plan, Silver Cold includes preventative maintenance at factory recommended intervals.

Fixed labor cost and discounted parts. Priority access to service at local Reefervan repair shop. 


Upgraded from Silver service plan. Comprehensive coverage for all parts & labor. Total coverage with peace of mind.

RV16 Reefer Product


Best Choice
RV16E  Reefer Product

Contact Reefervan for full warranty & After Sales Service |  Terms & Conditions 

Contact Reefervan to set up your reefer service plan with a local service provider

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