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Road Road Electric Operation | Reefer

Reefervan (O.E.M) transport refrigeration reefer products are manufactured and designed with over 35 years of industry experience. 


The RVMAX Reefer is Designed for large vans and truck bodies from 6ft to 18ft in length. Reefervan products combine unique "technician friendly features", with quality industry standard components, providing superior cooling, performance and affordability.​


Choosing a Reefervan Reefer product will cool your product at the correct temperature all year round in the highest of ambient temperatures.

Frozen Reeferman


RVEMAX - Reefer


  • High BTU cooling capacity 15,900 BTU

  • CPR Compressor protection valve R404a

  • Compressor oil separator (R404a) - Extended service life

  • Hot gas defrost as standard

  • Slim line cooler - Maximum cargo space

  • Simple operation temperature cab controller (°C /°F) 

  • R404a freezer refrigerant

  • 230 vac 1 Phase Electric Standby (Optional)

  • VALEO Road compressor (R404a)

  • Heavy Duty SANDEN standby compressor - standard

  • High air flow evaporator cooling fans 1295 cfm

  • Warranty 12 months parts and labor

  • Lightweight in design 

Standard | Features 
Frozen Man
Performance | Quality | Durability | Low Service Cost | Best Price
RV16E Reefer
RVE Max | 230vac 1 Phase
Evaporator - Internal
Internal Evaporator
Evaporator Internal
Installation | Design Features 

Reefer Design Features:

  • ​Easy to install | Rapid installation 

  • Easy to service | Very "Tech Friendly" 

  • Easy fault diagnosis | Color coded wiring 

  • Any mechanical AC auto shop or HVAC can repair

  • Microchannel Condenser | Superior Cooling

  • No expensive microprocessors or electronics to replace

  • Industry standard components SPAL type fans | SANDEN | VALEO TM compressors

  • Delphi Wire Connections - EZ Clip hose and fittings - Danfoss Expansion Valve

  • Performance long life compressor oil separator 

  • External condenser fan fuses for snow and ice

  • Three fan evaporator | High air flow for large vans

  • Regular automotive fuses and relays

  • Lightweight aluminum frame

  • Interactive "reefer compressor on" status light

  • Replacement parts up to 60 % less in cost compared to other well known brands

  • "Live Tech" Phone support standard

  • Lower product cost versus other well known brands

Performance | Quality | Durable     Low Service Cost Best Price

Reefer Operation - TIPS & HINTS 


  • Pre-chill the cargo area for 15 minutes before loading on very hot days.

  • Switch the reefer unit off while loading product into cargo area.

  • Minimize the length of time that doors are open when delivering.

  • Product should be stored at the correct temperature before loading.

  • Do not block the evaporator air intake or outlets.

  • Allow space around all sides of the load for air circulation.

  • Check the load temperature regularly.

  • When using power standby check that the mains power supply is suitably rated to power the reefer unit.

  • Switch the vehicle engine off and cab control off before connecting mains power.

  • Avoid using additional extension leads on electric standby. Maximum length of cable 25 feet

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