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National Intallation & Service Repair Network 

Secure piece of mind without breaking the bank. Reefervan reefer products offer the longest and most comprehensive industry warranty. Designed and built to the demands of the North American Market, Quality Durability and Performance are the core reasons we know that our product will last the pace.

Lower servicing costs, with no expensive replacement repair parts and a national service network equal to other well known brands guarantees you are in safe hands. 

Reefervan's 3 year warranty will provide confidence in choosing our products. 


Reefervan Quality Assurance | The Right Business Choice! 

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Reefervan Refrigeration Equipment are rigorously tested to the highest temperatures. Before we offer any product for sale, reefers are put through strict quality control for cooling performance, build quality, durability and dependability, ensuring you receive a premium product for your reefer van product that represents real world reefer van useage.

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