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Upfitting Van | by Reefervan 

  • Reefervan upfit any make or model of a panel van, new or used, at one of our partner locations across North America. 

  • Reefervan insulation kits are manufactured with the highest build quality and thermal efficiency.

  • Installing Reefervan reefer products ensures maximum cooling performance and durability at the best price.

  • The after-sales service cost of our products is much lower than that of other well-known manufacturers.

  • Reefervan completes the upfit package from start to finish, saving you thousands of dollars!

  • Over 40 years of experience will provide you with the right advice at the right price. Call today for more information.

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Van Insulation 

Reefer Installation 


Van Manufactures | Click to View 


ABOUT SPECIFICATION: Maintaining the correct cargo temperature in extreme temperatures can be affected by the following factors and should be considered when specifying the van application: Outside ambient temperature | Pre-cooling of cargo area | Cargo volume versus cargo area | Is cargo at the correct temperature when loaded | None mixing of hot and cold products in the cargo area | Amount of door Openings | Deliveries | Reefer operation time | The amount of time to reach the target temperature.One or all of the above can reduce the cooling and temperature performance of the reefer equipment. Reefer model may vary for application | ​Insulated polar walls may be required to maintain temperature in high extreme ambient temperatures. Polar walls can be added to the kit later if needed. Please consult with Reefervan if you need clarification on your specification requirements.

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