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Upfitting a Van | D.I.Y | Do It Yourself 

Insulation | Reefer Kits

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Reefer | Van Insulation Kits


In today's market, upfitting a Refrigerated Reefervan can be expensive! 

Reefervan has designed a range of tech-friendly insulation and reefer kits that are very easy to install.

Kits for every make and van model are available to purchase. No special training or tooling is required to install a DIY kit.

Our All Electric Coldvolt Reefer has no compressor mount kit to attach to the engine, so the reefer installation is faster. 

Many installers across North America have already benefited from our quality-built products at a lower price than other suppliers, saving time and thousands of dollars on every install.​

Coldvolt  | All Electric 12v Reefer

how long does an install take?

Van Insulation Installation

A TYPICAL INSULATION KIT takes between 20 and 24 labor hours (max) to complete the insulation installation; this depends on your work speed and ability to finish the insulation from start to finish. The reefer installation time will depend on the van model and if an engine mount kit is to be installed. The reefer and mount kit's average time to install is 16 hours. So, 40 labor hours is very accurate for a normal van upfit. The All Electric Coldvolt Reefer has no compressor mount kit to attach to the engine, so the reefer installation is speedy and reduces installation time.

why D.I.Y?  

Reefer | Van Insulation Kits

WHY CHOOSE D.I.Y..? DIY is best suited to one-off installations. Benefits include transparent product cost, lower overall package cost, Easy installation, control of the upfit schedule, and fast turnaround. AFTER SALES SERVICE Controlling the after-sales service of reefer. DIY service, dedicated technical support from Reefervan, and lower replacement parts costs. Save $1000's in costs over the lifetime of the van.

What about Support?

Reefervan Technical Support

NEED SUPPORT ..? Technical support is the area that we PRIDE ourselves in the most! Before you purchase a Reefervan Kit, we will take the time to explain and send you all the information to allow you to install the kit. We guarantee 100 % that you fully understand the installation process before ordering the kit. We provide dedicated telephone and email support at every step during the installation. You are in safe hands!

What do I need to Install Kit?

RV16  Reefer Product
Engine Mount Kit

RESOURCE I NEED ... Everything you need comes included! When you receive the kit to do the installation. No other hardware fasteners or sealers need to be purchased. GENERAL TOOLS A list of tools most handy persons will have will be provided. Only some low-cost support rods are required for the installation. GASING UP THE REEFER | NO PROBELM! Reefervan understands that some installers cannot gas up the reefer after installation. Reefervan will provide detailed "step-by-step" technical support information on how to gas the reefer up so a local AC mechanic or HVAC technician can gas the reefer up.

Insulation & Reefer Package's Start from as low as $11,900 USD - Call Today!*

* ABOUT SPECIFICATION: Maintaining the correct cargo temperature in extreme temperatures can be affected by the following factors and should be considered when specifying the van application: Outside ambient temperature | Pre-cooling of cargo area | Cargo volume versus cargo area | Is cargo at the correct temperature when loaded | None mixing of hot and cold products in the cargo area | Amount of door Openings | Deliveries | Reefer operation time | The amount of time to reach the target temperature.One or all of the above can reduce the cooling and temperature performance of the reefer equipment. Reefer model may vary for application | ​Insulated polar walls may be required to maintain temperature in high extreme ambient temperatures. Polar walls can be added to the kit later if needed. Please consult with Reefervan if you need clarification on your specification requirements.

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