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Promaster 159 HR - Insulation Kit

About Reefervan Insulation Kits

Smooth FRP woven fiber, impact-resistant skin, compressed under high pressure to 3" of high-grade foam, forms a rigid composite insulated panel. Fully waterproof and seamless in design panels. 

Polytread flooring is standard, nonslip, with a tread plate pattern. Polytread is as durable as aluminum but without the added cost, and only available from Reefervan! 

The insulation kit is incredibly lightweight, and no heavy wood framing is used in the construction, allowing for greater cargo capacity.

High-precision CNC machine routing ensures a perfect fit for the van.

Reefervan Insulated panels are thermally balanced to the highest standards, providing excellent cooling performance in high ambient temperatures of 100°F (38°C). 

Matched together with our OEM Reefer product range, Reefervan guarantees this performance. Insulate right the first time with Reefervan!

Promaster 159 HR - Insulation Kit

  • Standard Insulation Kit Features:

    • 3 Inch Standard Insulation  - High Thermal Efficiency
    • Light Weight Panel Construction - More Cargo Payload
    • Heavy Duty | Non-Slip Flooring - Polytread Flooring - Standard 
    • Seamless flooring - 100% Waterproof - Powerwash Suitable
    • Aluminium Wheel Boxes - Durable Long Lasting 
    • Wall | Floor Load Guard  Protection - Protect from Impacts | Wear
    • Food Grade Finish - Will not Harbor Bacteria
    • Faster Pull Down of Temperature - Superior Cooling 
    • Lower Operating Costs - Less Reefer Operating Time 
    • 2-Year Warranty - Material and Workmanship
All NewPOLYTREAD | Durable | Anti Slip | Aluminum Floor Alternate
Optional | Polar Wall | Low Cargo Temp | High Ambient Applications
Optional | E Trac 
E Track Rail - load Bar
E Track
Load Rail Pallet Protection
E Track Load Bar
Optional | Shelving 
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